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Warning symbol.png These Release Notes are in Draft Status.

Note: Not all animations work, due to Wiki bugs with resizing images. Release notes will be transferred to website, there animations will be working.

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Release highlights


General user interface



Spray tool

We added canvas cursor preview for shapes you are about to spray . Its useful if you are about to spray diffrent objects

Path Operations


Masking / Clipping


Filter galley

new dialog that allows you to browse all Filter presets

Extension galley

new dialog that allows you to browse all extensions

Live path effects


SVG Standards Compliance


  • Added two new symbol sets, with Sci-Fi and Nature symbols (MR #4792)

Customization / Theming

Rendering (advanced)

Windows-specific Changes

macOS-specific Changes


Command line

  • Many new actions have been added to allow editing SVG files and customizing export files. These are also available from the Command palette:
    • Set the document's SVG version to 1.1
    • Set the document's SVG version to 2.0
    • Remove any Inkscape-specific SVG data
    • Remove any known proprietary SVG data
    • Remove auto start positions from markers
    • Remove all transforms from all shapes
    • Remove context paints from markers
    • Replace SVG2 text with SVG1.1 text
    • Insert JavaScript for rendering meshes (polyfill)
    • Insert JavaScript for rendering hatches (polyfill)
    • Recursively unlink all clones and symbols
    • Turn all shapes recursively into path elements
    • Turn all strokes recursively into fill-only paths
    • Make all paths absolute and predictable
    • Add bounding box information to all shapes: adds inkscape:visualbox and inkscape:geometricbox attributes
    • Add shape path information to all shapes: adds inkscape:d attribute
    • Remove unused definitions (gradients, etc.)



Contributing to interface translations

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Important Inkscape Project Milestones

Important changes for packagers

Known issues

Other releases