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Inkscape Release 0.35

This revision builds on the Sodipodi 0.32 codebase, incorporating the hydra-october patchset and the work of dozens of contributors.


Tiny hack for SVG Item ID's - Bob Jamison - Integrated 10/08/03

Adds ID name widget to the item properties dialog box. Patch# 819043

Alternate node join mechanism - Bob Jamison - Integrated 10/08/03

Adds a modified form of joining nodes, allowing curves to be closed without deleting or moving any existing nodes; instead it adds a new curve segment for the closure. Patch# 819054

Changing units in Size and Position dialog is broken

Depending upon the size of the rectangle you drew it will be distorted and displaced by seemingly random (though not really) values. I tracked the problem down to an interaction between spus_unit_activate() and sp_object_layout_any_value_changed(). To fix it, I modified sp_object_layout_any_value_changed() to check the unit object for its update flag and return if it -- ifkerby. Patch# 799363

Text attributes changing on selection - snauj

Makes possible to apply text property changes on selection. With this patch sodipodi choose all text objects from selection and apply changes on them. Patch# 816676

Transactions rollup - mental

Refactors the Actions code. Trims transaction undo list to MAX_UNDO. Add sp_document_cancel(). Replace various operations with transactions. Patch# 819745

Fix build --with-kde - anonymous

Patch# 819963

Move recently opened files into submenu named 'Open Recent' - anonymous

Patch# 820223

Code cleanup to desktop-properties.c - bryce

Adds a couple functions to abstract widget creation somewhat. Patch# 822497

Rename & make distcheck - ted, mental, and njh

The codebase has been re-branded into 'inkscape'. We're leaving the filetype to use the sodipodi namespace for compatibility reasons, and are leaving the 'sp_' prefix on functions since in C++ we can use real namespaces and will strip the prefixes when we're further along with that.

C++-ification - njh, mental, bryce, and ted

Codebase is converted to be compileable using either gcc or g++. We went through the codebase adding casts where needed, making all the string object types be consistant (const gchar*), placing extern "C" wrappers around problematical routines, and more. This is preliminary preparation for moving the codebase wholesale to C++ so that we can begin to take advantage of OOP capabilities to better abstract and streamline the code.

Keyboard shortcuts - Bulia Byak

Bulia Byak has been actively working on implementing keyboard shortcuts in the application. He's fixed up the arrow keys in the selector and node editor, made the ESC key deselect and cancel rubber band selections, added many more ways to switch tools and call dialogs. Bulia says, "I have created a wiki page 'KeyboardShortcuts' (imported from sodipodi) where I will track my progress with keyboard. Ideally, I would like to see the program almost totally controllable from keyboard, with only the tasks like freehand drawing left to mouse."

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