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Release highlights

Definitely not released yet.

Bug fixes


  • Fixed Windows test builds, so testers can again try out intermediate versions (MR #3762
  • Fixed building Inkscape with GCC 12 / C++17 (MR #3683)
  • Fixed building Inkscape with Poppler 21.11.0, e.g. on Slackware Linux (MR #3636, Bug #2906)
  • Toolbar fields now use the units the user selected as display units (in Document preferences) again (MR #3716, Bug #1747)
  • Mouse cursors for tools are now completely visible, no matter how transparent the currently selected color is (MR #3640, Bug #2025)
  • Graphic tablet pens that have a built-in eraser tip now again automatically switch to the correct tool (MR 3636, Bug #2866)
  • On macOS, the system menu now uses the correct language and menu decorations look better on systems with non-English locales (MR #3531)
  • When clicking on the color indicator in the bottom left corner, the Fill and Stroke dialog will now open again (Bug #2621, MR #3754)


  • Filter editor: The standard deviation for Gaussian blur can now be 0, if there is no blur (MR #3650, Bug #2724)


  • win32 theme now contains expand/collapse arrows for expandable lists (MR #3636, Bug #2876)
  • win32 theme offers improved contrast when hovering over text (MR #3550)
  • win32 theme context menu border looks better now (MR #3550)
  • win32 theme offers improved contrast when hovering over text (MR #3550)


Text tool

  • Font dropdown now updates when changing font for the same text multiple times through the dropdown menu (MR #3731, Bug #2056)
  • Line spacing works again with current Pango versions (e.g. 1.49) as used on Fedora Linux (MR #3717, Bug #2864)
  • Line spacing now always stays the same when only changing the line height units (MR #3640, Bug #2465)
  • Unicode mode now accepts numbers entered with numpad keys (a bug with a long beard, reported in 2014! MR #3716, Launchpad Bug #1394559

Crash fixes

Fixed a crash when …

  • … grouping / ungrouping / importing / pasting a 3D box or after doing so and editing it (MR #3731, Bug #2833)
  • … trying to add the "Measure segments" Live Path Effect to a path with empty / one-node subpaths (MR #3636, Bug #2725)
  • … when running inkscape --actions=action-list on the command line if Inkscape has been built with DBUS support (MR #3636, Bug #2813)
  • … when exporting to a raster image file with a file name that contains non-ASCII characters (MR #3784, Bug #2548)
  • … when importing an SVG file that contains a 3D box (MR #3592, Bug #2881)
  • … when pressing Backspace while using the Bézier tool (MR #3715, Bug #2764)
  • … when selecting Other locations in the Open/Save/Import dialog, with the preview active (MR #3786, [] Bug #2549)

Extension bug fixes

  • The file chooser in extensions can no longer accidentally choose a directory instead of a file (MR #3716, Bug #2822)
  • Help texts in 'Scatter' and 'Pattern along Path' extensions simplified (MR extensions#378)


The following UI translations received updates:

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Catalan
  • Croatian
  • Czech
  • Lithuanian
  • Russian
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Slovenian

Contributing to interface translations

Want to help with translations? Learn how to help!


Contributing to documentation and documentation translation

Contributions to the documentation translations, as well as improvements to its contents, are welcome at the inkscape-docs repository.

Known issues

These issues could not be fixed in time for the 1.1.2 release.

  • The unit conversions for circles and rectangles is incorrect, which leads to displaced elements for some extensions (extensions#437, extensions#438). Workaround: Convert circles and rectangles to paths before calling the extension.

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