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Release highlights

Released on December 5, 2022.

Inkscape 1.2.2 is a maintenance and bugfix release, which brings you 4 crash fixes, over 25 bug fixes, 5 fixes for extension bugs and 13 improved user interface translations.

Notably, the OpenClipart import is now available to everyone, regardless of the selected packaging format or operating system, spellchecking finally works on macOS, performance is improved (in exchange for dithering disabled by default), extensions that modify colors can now also modify colors in patterns again, and for our maker community, we fixed some issues with the measure tool, the DXF14 export and with hairline strokes.

Crash fixes

  • Inkscape no longer freezes the whole desktop when rotating objects with snapping activated under certain conditions (Bug Inbox#7534, Bug Inbox#7838, MR #4877).
  • Converting an object with a stroke set as 'unset' / 'none', but with markers on the non-existing stroke, no longer leads to a crash (Bug #3879, MR #4815).

Bug fixes


  • Symbols that contain a clipping path or mask no longer cause the Symbols dialog to create a high processor load (Bug #3607, MR #4567).
  • The keyboard shortcut that is meant to scale the selection by 1 screen pixel now does so again (Bug #3799, MR#4818).
  • Raster images that are opened with Inkscape now end up in the page area even when the document origin is set to the bottom left corner (MR #4866, Bug #3939).
  • Dithering (for smooth gradients) is now disabled by default (even if it was enabled before you update to 1.2.2), because it was causing a loss of performance while drawing (MR #4816).


  • The 'Export' and 'Align and distribute' dialogs are no longer confused about what area to export / what type of item to align (MR #4800, Bug #3847, Bug #2732, Bug #3591).
  • In the same dialog, tooltips now reliably show up when hovering over any of the buttons (Bug #3585, MR #4571).
  • Clarified wording of an option shown when importing SVG files (MR #4525).

Import / Export

  • OpenClipart import option is now available on Windows and in the AppImage, and the potentially missing Python library BeautifulSoup is now a recommended package for Debian packaging (Bug #3674, MR #4858)
  • Several issues in the DXF14 export have been fixed:
  • The TIFF export now supports transparency (Bug extensions#478, MR extensions#485).
  • DPI attribute is preserved for JPG and TIFF raster export (Bug extensions#484, MR extensions#485).
  • PNG files now use the correct file permissions on Linux (previously, exported files were only accessible to the user who created them, which caused problems when doing web development) (Bug #2574, MR #4874)


  • Saving markers that are compatible to SVG 1.1 now works for both marker direction and marker color at once (MR #4828, Bug #3913).
  • Objects with hairline strokes no longer lose that style when grouping or pasting (MR #4821, Bug #3643).
  • Filtered objects whose filters make use of the 'Morphology' filter are no longer cut off (Bug #3821, MR #4895).


  • The Measure tool now indicates correct positions and sizes for shapes (stars, spirals, rectangles) (Bug #1367, Bug inbox#7732, MR #4678). Additionally, the default unit now corresponds to the display unit when using the tool for the first time.

Linux-specific fixes

  • Inkscape no longer fails to run on Artix (Bug #7526, MR #4744).
  • Inkscape can now be built on systems using Poppler 22.09.0 (MR #4719).
  • Extensions that open another instance of Inkscape (e.g. PDFLaTeX) no longer fail when using an AppImage version of Inkscape (MR#4751, Bug Inbox#7607, Bug #2422).

Note about snap packages

It is no longer possible to install the Inkscape snap with the --classic option. If you need functionality that is unavailable in the standard snap package (being able to add custom filter packs, custom extensions communicating with other programs on the system / requiring system-wide dependencies, …), please choose a different packaging format.

Windows-specific Fixes

  • Extensions Manager and Clipart import work again on Windows. This fix was already available in 1.2.1, if you downloaded it after July 19 (Bug #3695, MR #4653).
  • The Text tool no longer crashes when selecting some specific fonts that have been installed multiple times in different file formats (Bug #7354, MR #4658).
  • Inkscape 1.2.2 can now be built for Windows on Arm (MR#4693).

macOS-specific Fixes

  • Undo / Redo are available in the menu again (Bug #3511, MR #4715).
  • Editing CSS in the CSS and Selectors dialog no longer leads to a crash (Bug #7500, MR #4749).
  • The spellchecker is finally available on macOS (MR#4860).

Command line

  • Trailing or duplicate semicolons no longer cause an action list command to fail (Bug #3480, MR #4714).

Improvements for development / deployment

  • Automated Windows builds work again (MR #4744, MR #4884, Bug #3859).
  • Windows builds succeed again in CLANG64 environments (MR #4153).
  • macOS arm64 builds are now generated automatically for testing (MR#4860).

Extension bug fixes

Bugfixes in particular extensions

  • Color extensions can work on patterns again (Bug extensions#483, MR extensions#483).
  • The extension Render > Barcode > QR Code can now create QR codes with sharp edges (as opposed to slightly rounded edges as previously) even when using the extension from inside Inkscape (as opposed to from the command line) (Bug extensions#491, MR extensions#494).
  • The Hershey Text extension now warns about manual kerning instead of crashing (Bug extensions#456, MR extensions#489).
  • Saving a self-made font as SVG font using Extensions > Typography > 3 - Convert Glyph Layers to SVG Font now works again when one of the characters is the apostrophe (single quote) character (Bug extensions#487, MR extensions#487).

Improvements that apply to all extensions

See for details.


The following UI translations received updates:

Contributing to interface translations

Want to help with translations? Learn how to help!

Contributing to documentation and documentation translation

Contributions to the documentation translations, as well as improvements to its contents, are welcome at the inkscape-docs repository.

Known issues

These issues could not be fixed in time for the 1.2.2 release:

  • Crash when using the "Import image from the internet" function while having the Export dialog open in some rare conditions (Bug Inbox#7840).
  • Inkscape does not work well with a mouse on macOS Ventura. Do not update to macOS Ventura if you rely on Inkscape! This issue affects all GTK3 based apps on macOS Ventura. (GTK is used by many different programs, and builds those programs' user interfaces for you to interact with.)

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