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Release highlights

Released on 6 September 2011.

Inkscape 0.48.2 is a stability and bugfix release. For a complete list of bugs fixed in 0.48.2, see the Launchpad milestone page.



  • Added the possibility of scaling the image. The 'calc' package must be included in the preamble. Then the image can be scaled by defining '\svgscale' instead of '\svgwidth'.

Regression fixes

  • (Windows) The "Save as" dialog now again proposes the current filename for saving. Bug #530957

Important bugfixes

  • PDF/EPS+LaTeX export should give better spacing around figures now ("%" was added after each line in the TeX file) Bug #643849 Bug #687344
  • Inkscape 0.48 crashes in sp_stroke_style_line_update() when drawing with opened "Fill and Stroke" dialog. Bug #629363
  • Inkscape coredumps on opening SVG files with gradients (FreeBSD amd64). Bug #743530
  • Gradients crashing Inkscape 0.48 on OpenBSD/FreeBSD (amd64). Bug #778441


  • Dutch: UI translation updated
  • Galician: UI translation updated
  • Indonesian: UI translation updated
  • Japanese: UI translation updated, docs translation added
  • Russian: UI translation updated
  • French: UI translation updated

Known issues

  • Extensions do not work on OSX Lion.
  • Tablets do not work properly on Windows.

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