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* [[Emergency save]] — Recovery in case Inkscape crashed
* [[Emergency save]] — Recovery in case Inkscape crashed
* [[Release notes]]
* [[Release notes]]
<!-- ** '''for version [[|]] (active development)''' -->
** ''[[Release notes/1.1|Inkscape 1.1]]'' &mdash; ''development branch''
** '''for versions<br> [[Release notes/1.0.2|1.0.2]] (current bugfix release,<br> [[Release notes/1.0|1.0]] (current major release) and <br>[[Release notes/0.92.5|0.92.5]] (legacy bugfix release)'''
** [[Release notes/1.0|Inkscape 1.0]] ([[Release notes/1.0.1|1.0.1]], [[Release notes/1.0.2|1.0.2]]) &mdash; ''current stable release branch''
** older versions: [[Release notes/0.92.4|0.92.4]], [[Release notes/0.92.3|0.92.3]], [[Release notes/0.92.2|0.92.2]], [[Release notes/0.92.1|0.92.1]], [[Release notes/0.91|0.91]], [[Release notes/0.48.5|0.48.5]], [[Release notes/0.48.4|0.48.4]], [[Release notes/0.48.3|0.48.3]], [[Release notes/0.48.2|0.48.2]], [[Release notes/0.48.1|0.48.1]], [[Release notes/0.48|0.48]], [[Release notes/0.47|0.47]]
** [[Release notes/0.92|Inkscape 0.92]] ([[Release notes/0.92.1|0.92.1]], [[Release notes/0.92.2|0.92.2]], [[Release notes/0.92.3|0.92.3]], [[Release notes/0.92.4|0.92.4]], [[Release notes/0.92.5|0.92.5]]) &mdash; ''legacy stable release branch''
** future versions: [[Release notes/1.1|1.1]] (upcoming major release)
* [[Announcing Releases]] (slightly outdated)
* [[Announcing Releases]] (slightly outdated)
* [[Release Process Debrief]] (slightly outdated)
* [[Release Process Debrief]] (slightly outdated)

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