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This page details the planning of Inkscape's 2018 hackfest.

Other pages: Hackfest2018 Topics, Hackfest2018 Attendees., Hackfest2018 LGM.

Old: Hackfest2017, Hackfest2016, Hackfest2015.

Hackfest: Boston/USA, RedHat Boston Office, 26-30 March 2018


A hackfest! We will work on Inkscape bugs, new features, and packaging as well as website issues; in fact anything that can benefit from developers and users being physically in the same space.

The timing of the hackfest will be next to the Software Freedom Day conference held at MIT.


Boston is well connected being half way between Europe and the West of the USA. It is modern, accessible city that many Inkscape developers have said they can get to. There are direct flights to/from most major EU cities.


The hackfest will take place at RedHat's office at 300 A Street. which is located in the harbour district, a walkable distance from the very center of town.

RedHat's office is also a short walk from South Station, one of the main MBTA mass transit stops.


Some snacks and drinks will be provided by Martin Owens and hopefully will be placed in the kitchen/eating area. No arranged meals for lunch, but we may organise lunches to make things easier as the time approaches.


* Wireless networking
* US mains power (see Martin if you want an US IEC cable, there's plenty available)
* No projector or white boards are known about (TBF)

Nearby amenities

There are nearby restaurants and bars, many of which are pretty new as the whole immediate area is in the middle of being uplifted from an old docking and warehousing area. You can enjoy a cocktail at the nearby `Drink`, it's also close enough to walk to the North End for Italian American food and drink, fairly close to the Downtown area and china town if Chinese food is better. There's also a ferry, we don't know where it goes or how spooky the other end is.

For entertainment, there is an Aquarium, Children's Museum (probably not useful to adults), AMC Lowes Cinema, several live stage theaters big and small. There's fewer historical sites, but Martin knows where they are if you want to visit them.


Boston isn't known for it's cheap hotels, you will find all hotels charge more than $130 per night, if you find a deal below $100 then take it. The YOTEL Boston is the closest hotel for an average area price ($129), although it's very new. Booking a hotel further out on the Red Line wouldn't do much good either as most of the Red Line is covered in Universities attracting premium prices everywhere.

The alternative is AirBnB, if you are looking for an AirBnb, please email me right away so we can try and get people into one AirBnb if you are coming alone and don't mind sharing a larger house.

One lucky person will get to have the spare room at Martin's house. This should help reduce costs for you, email for details. (Taken!)


From Monday the 26th of March to Friday the 30th of March, 9am - 6pm. We'll dine informally in the evenings.

  • Monday, March 26th: Introduction day, getting settled and setting the agenda meetings, then hacking.
  • Tuesday, March 27th: Hacking day
  • Wednesday, March 28th: User participation day, if we have users available, we will find out what they need
  • Thursday, March 29th: Hacking day
  • Friday, March 30th: Hacking day

Hackfest Dinner

An informal dinner will be held one night. TBA.


Anybody interested in Inkscape is welcome to attend. Funding support for travel expenses is based on past contributions to Inkscape. See the Hackfest2018 Attendees page for more details.


A schedule will be developed based on input from attendees and the Inkscape community. See the Hackfest2018 Topics page for further details.