Leadership Committee Status Updates

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Place and Time

We meet in #inkscape-devel on freenode.

Next meeting: Noon PST/21:00 CEST , Wed, Nov 26th.

Meetings should be announced in advance on inkscape-devel and inkscape-board mailing lists.


For Nov 26th

  • LGM hackfest
    • The Pitch. Final approval.
    • Donation page design & mockup
    • Recruitment of more planners / volunteers
    • Other projects to extend invitations (Gtk, Cairo, Wayland...)
    • Code of Conduct
  • Fundraising campaign
    • django development status
    • Fundable projects review
  • Developer book campaign
  • Static testing (Jenkins, Coverity, ...)
    • Disk space limitation issue
  • Other items of business
    • Code licensing
    • Credentials - need all board members to submit gpg keys. Need to organize a key signing party (e.g. at hackfest)
    • Website statement for code of conduct and privacy policy
  • GSoC 2015

Future Agenda Items

  • GSoC 2015