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This page details the planning of Inkscape's 2018 hackfest in Kiel, Germany.

Other pages: Hackfest2018 Kiel Topics, Hackfest2018 Kiel Attendees.

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Hackfest: Kiel, Germany


A hackfest! We will work on Inkscape bugs, new features, and packaging as well as website issues; in fact anything that can benefit from developers and users being physically in the same space.


Kiel is a city in the north of Germany. There is bus service from the Hamburg airport. Etc.


The hackfest will take place at the Kitz (Kieler Innovations und Technologiezentrum, a startup center renting rooms and services to newly founded businesses, located next to the city's main university campus (map).


At the Kitz, there's a vending machine for small snacks and sweets, and a coffee machine that also makes soup and hot water for tea - a small selection of tea bags is available, too. Coffee in thermos jugs will be available during the official opening hours of the Kitz. Maren can bring other snacks and beverages (but would need to know which).

For lunch, there are several options.

The nearby university canteen ('Mensa I' on the map) offers filling and healthy meals at a good price to non-university members. Vegan, vegetarian, salad bar, fast food, extra cheap food, standard dishes (all < 6 Euro) are available and labelled for potential allergens.

In the vicinity, there are also a couple of fast food restaurants (mostly Turkish, and an alternative burger restaurant), a Spanish restaurant (open in the evenings), and the Traum GmbH (modern German and international food, in the evenings). Many pizza (and other food) delivery services are available from midday to late evenings in Kiel. If the weather is fine, we can also have a barbecue in front of the Kitz.


  • Wireless networking
  • Wired network with high bandwidth (recommended, cables and network switch on premises)
  • Whiteboard
  • LCD projector with VGA and HDMI (cables will be provided, if you need something else, bring an adapter)
  • Europlug type CEE 7/16, or CEE 7/4 (230V, 50Hz - make sure your devices can handle the voltage! Check which adapter you need)
  • one out of two conference rooms (TBD)
  • Toilets for handicapped persons
  • Large parking lot
  • No time restrictions for hacking in the evenings


To do.


To do.

Hackfest Dinner

An informal dinner will be held one night. TBA.


Anybody interested in Inkscape is welcome to attend. Funding support for travel expenses is based on past contributions to Inkscape. See the Hackfest2018 Kiel Attendees page for more details.


A schedule will be developed based on input from attendees and the Inkscape community. See the Hackfest2018 Kiel Topics page for further details.