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  • The improved CSS style and style inheritance handling is enabled for all bundled extensions. If you want to use this functionality in an extension you maintain, see New Style API.
  • A GUI API (based on gtkme) has been added, so extensions can now ship GTK-based user interfaces (MR extensions#421, MR extensions#450, MR extensions#465).
  • Export extensions can specify that they are only to be listed in "Export as" (MR extensions#371, MR#3600).
  • Color extensions can now process in RGBA space, previously only separate processing of color and opacity was possible (MR extensions#392).
  • The path conversion for arcs and stars have been added, so when extensions create these objects, they are rendered in a browser as well and can be processed further by the same extension. (MR extensions#387, Issue extensions#240).
  • API functions for the new multipage feature have been added (MR extensions#499).