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This page details the planning of Inkscape's 2024 Summit in Rennes, France, May 6th to May 8th. It is just prior to LGM which is from May 9 to May 12th.

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Inkscape Summit: Rennes, France


A gathering of Inkscapers! We will work on Inkscape, website, outreach, bugs, new features, and packaging; in fact anything that can benefit from Inkscapers being physically in the same space.

The summit will take place before (and continue informally through) the 2024 LGM (Libre Graphics Meeting).


Rennes is a city about two hours by train west of Paris.


The Summit will take place at Activdesign, 4A rue du Bignon (yes) (2d flour). It's an art school that teaches Inkscape, Krita, Blender, and Godot.


Thursday, 9th of May through Sunday, 12th of May. Program


Around Activdesign there is one bakery and supermarket.

Activdesign have a little kitchen with microwave, fridge, coffee machine, tea, and few dishes.



  • Wireless (yes)
  • Europlug type C and F.
  • LCD projector (no more, it's more TV or second monitor)
  • White board (yes)
  • Café, Tea, micro-waves, water (yes)

Nearby Amenities

The center is at 20 min in bus.


In the center of the city you have some hostels with ** or *****. Near Activdesign there is an ibis budget. Maybe a one or two shared AirBnB's.

Hostels :

Near LGM place (S-E of Rennes) :

F1Hotel : about 40€ / night, up to 3 guests per room :

Hotel Kyriad : about 45€/ night :

B&B hotel : about 60€ / night, up to 2 guests per room :

Brit hotel : about 70-80€ / night, up to 2 guests per room :

We are just near Chantepie city, which have some available hotels too

Downtown :

Youth Hostel, might be collective rooms, but really cheap :

Adagio Access ApartHotel, about 50€ / night, have kitchen included :

Appart Hôtel - Séjours & Affaires Rennes de Bretagne, about 60€/night :

Le victoria - about 60-70€ / night :

Be aware that since covid-time, breakfast are not included in prices anymore and that they might be quite expensive. We will try to make coffee available as soon as possible in the morning for those who would like to share with other LGMers.

Summit Dinner

An informal dinner will be held on ?. Lot of choice of restaurant : japonese, breton, italian. All are very good. Maybe is depending on the number. Japonese restaurant is quite little and the marocco is bigger and also very good. The breton are plenty but the good one have to be booked.


Anybody interested in Inkscape is welcome to attend. Funding support for travel expenses is based active participation on the Inkscape community. See the Summit2024 Rennes Attendees page for more details.

Summit Topics and Schedule

A schedule will be developed based on input from attendees and the Inkscape community. See the Summit2024 Rennes Topics page for further details.


The following folk have offered to assist with organization work, in limited capacities:

  • You
  • And you?
  • Tav
  • Elisa