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This page details the planning of Inkscape's Summer 2020 online hackfest. It is focused on features and future plans for 1.1 and beyond.

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The Summer of Hackfest 2020

Join Hackfest Now! (Video Chat)

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The Summer of Hackfest is an online video hackfest which happens for six Saturdays for six hours. You are invited to join Big Blue Button at any time during the hackfest, although each day will have a single meeting at 4PM UTC, the rest of the day will be chatting and an easy activity that any new contributor can come and learn.

The host [Martin Owens] will be in the video chat for the time of the distributed conference but will be joined by meeting hosts for the specific topics. If you are already in one of the teams, please do come along and chat will the whole community about the area for that day. Participants are not required to come every week, or attend for the whole time. (But it will be so much fun if you do)!

See also Gitlab Issue.


Saturday Team Meetings (16:00UTC) Meeting Host Activity (14-16/17-20:00 UTC) RSVP
July 11th Board Meeting the board Bryce Harrington Invite people, join a team, organise! 6
July 18th UX User Experience Priorities Adam Belis Papercuts Hunt 8
July 25th Developers Technical discussions Thomas Holder Peer code review of existing merge requests 9
August 1st Vectors Vectors 2.0 Ryan Gorley Learn how to contribute content | August meeting | Learn about Website Next Project 7
August 8th Mentors Google summer of Code showcase Tavmjong Bah TBD 6
August 15th Testers Bug Management Nathan Lee Test a bug and report back 6


There is one meeting each of the days. The meeting is lead by a team leader and will go into the specific discussions the team wishes to have.

  • Meet the board - Several people have expressed a great desire to have the whole board introduce themselves, explain what the board does, and discuss board related topics to people who are new in the project.
  • Technical discussions - A time to talk about code, code quality, code maintenance, testing and other technical issues.
  • User Experience Priorities - Can we work out what the top tasks are for improving Inkscape User experience and design are for Inkscape 1.1?
  • Google summer of Code showcase - A live show case of google summer of code projects. See how things are going and talk about being a new Inkscape coder.
  • Vectors 2.0 - Meet some members of the Vectors Team and join us
  • Bug Management - How are we managing our bugs and are we doing them the right way.


Activities are small things that new contributors and contributors from other parts of the project can engage in over the course of the hackfest video conference.

  • Invite people, join a team, organise! - Invite new people to come talk about the future of Inkscape using your social media. Then get people to join specific teams and talk about how different teams should be organised. Website teams will be used throughout the day and people will be encouraged to talk about what team's responsibilities should be.
  • Papercuts Hunt - UX is not just about designing new features, plenty of Inkscape's features need small modifications to make them easier to use, or for users to understand how they are supposed to work. These small aggravations are called "papercuts". Going through Inkscape and finding them so we can make a list of all the small ways Inkscape can be polished up.
  • Peer code review of existing merge requests - Lets look at some of the merge requests together, learn some interesting programming and sharpen our skills throughout the day.
  • Participate in a live drawing challenge - Fun activity, no skills required :)
  • Writing content and revamping website - If you have skills to share, contribute to the Vectors Hackfest Day!
  • Test a bug and report back - Never tested a bug before? Let's do it together! Find old bugs, see if they're still a problem and learn how to tag issues with the right tags.


The proposed venue is "The Big Blue Button" offered by Marc, details about capacity, features and so forth to follow.