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This page details the proposed planning of Inkscape's 2019 bugfest. Bug hunters and squashers will meet in Boston, MA and in Palaiseau, France (suburb of Paris) during the first week of December (exact dates to be announced).

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Old: Hackfest2019 Saarbrücken, Hackfest2019 SCALE, Hackfest2018 Kiel, Hackfest2018 LGM, Hackfest2018, Hackfest2017, Hackfest2016, Hackfest2015.


A bugfest! We will work on finding and fixing bugs in preparation for the imminent release of Inkscape 1.0!


MIT, Boston

Martin (doctormo) will host at this venue.

Télécom ParisTech

Marc Jeanmougin (mc) will host at this venue.

Télécom ParisTech in Google Maps