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Hi there, my name is Victor Westmann (as you might already have suspected!). I am a Brazilian who is now living in Canada. I simply love Inkscape and use it since ~2007. I do my best to contribute to the project even though the only thing I am able to contribute, so far, were translations. I am a little bit more involved in the Inkscape Forum (now that we officially have one) which is pretty nice!

I have been suffering a lot to send to my contributions to the Gitlab repository of the documentation translation files for pt_BR but Maren has been really patient and nice with me (Thank you dear).

And that is it for now! Really excited to see the new changes that will be release in the 1.0 version (not yet release at the time that this text is being written) but also, extremely happy to see the usefulness and longevity of this project. Community is great and the application is pretty powerful and getting better and better each version.

Got really happy when I noticed that a LOT (really) of the feature requests that I asked were implemented by the project folks (layers, docking panels, naming all of the objects in the canvas, multiple smallers things as well).

And that is it!

Regards, Victor