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Not a single info from my page was endorsed by the Inkscape project members. Use this info at your own risk. Take full responsibility for your actions.

With that out of the way... feel free to keep reading.


I am a longe time user (since ~2007) and after a while (2010) became a sporadic volunteer of the project. Helping initially with translations of the manuals and tutorials (as well as the interface, to some extent) but now I am doing an effort to hang around the project more and assist with ticket triaging as well as helping to improve UX/UI elements of the application so we can conquer the world sooner than later.

List of interesting SVG programs

Program/Service Windows MacOS Linux Perpetual License
Shapeshifter Y Y Y Free
Wick Editor Y Y Y Free
Plain pattern Y Y Y Free
Anigen Y Y Y Free
SVG Artista Y Y Y Open Source
SVG Mator Y Y Y Free/No registration
Vivus Y Y Y Free
Editor (Method) Y Y Y Free
SVG Editor Y Y Y Free
SVG Backgrounds Y Y Y Free

How to take good screenshots in different platforms


For more specific screenshots, Windows has built-in keyboard shortcuts for screenshots:

Copy full screen screenshot to clipboard: PrtScn
Save full screen screenshot: Windows Key + PrtScn (or Windows Key + Volume Down on a tablet)
Copy screenshot of single window: Alt + PrtScn
Save screenshot of single window: Windows Key + Alt + PrtScn

Have a Microsoft Surface tablet or laptop? Instead of the PrtScn key, here are the keyboard shortcuts to use:

Copy full screen screenshot to clipboard: Fn + Space
Copy screenshot of single window: Fn + Alt + Space
Save full screen screenshot: Fn + Windows Key + Space


Macs don't come with a screenshot button, but you can still capture anything on your screen with the default Mac screenshot keyboard shortcuts:

Save fullscreen screenshot: Command + Shift + 3
Save screenshot of single window: Command + Shift + 4, press the Space key, then click on the window you want to capture
Save screenshot of selection: Command + Shift + 4, then select the area you want to capture with your mouse cursor.

Linux (Ubuntu)

Taking screenshots in Ubuntu — one of the most popular Linux desktop distributions — works almost the same as on a Windows PC. You'll likely use a standard Windows keyboard with Ubuntu, so the PrtScn key is still the easiest way to take a screenshot. The only difference is, on Ubuntu, PrtScn will capture a screenshot, then show a dialog where you can choose to copy the screenshot to the clipboard or save it to your computer.

Here are the default Ubuntu screenshot keyboard shortcuts:

Full screen screenshot: PrtScn
Screenshot of current window: Alt + PrtScn
Screenshot of selection: Shift + PrtScn


Interesting Reads

Creating a new multicolor icons theme

Redesign Concepts

Raster file formats that could be adopted

  • FLIF
  • JPEG 2000
  • WEBP
  • BPG