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*Increasing bit depth to reduce artifacts.
*Increasing bit depth to reduce artifacts.
=== Cacheable portion/layers ===
*Investigate partial.s cache-ablity

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Inkscape and the SVG Working Group

Inkscape can influence the future of the SVG standard. This page serves as a gathering point for ideas on how the standard can be improved to the benefit of Inkscape.

Inkscape representitive

Tavmjong Bah has joined the SVG Working group as an "Invited Expert" to represent the interests of Inkscape. You can contact him through the developer's mailing list or at tavmjong at free.fr. You can also join the meetings yourself (as several Inkscapers did after LGM2010). See the links below.

Please add to this page any problems you have found with the existing standard or what you would like to see in a future standard.

SVG Working Group Links




Proposed Standards

Areas of Inkscape Interest

Here are some areas to consider:

Multipage document support

Proposed for SVG 1.2 but dropped.

Standardizing layers

Creating a standard way to indicate layers. Inkscape uses private attributes.

Fancy paths

  • Patterns along paths,
  • Vector effects.
  • Power stroke.


  • Diffusion curves.
  • Mesh gradients.

SVG fonts

Firefox and IE will not add support for SVG fonts.


  • Increasing bit depth to reduce artifacts.
  • Margins.

Cacheable portion/layers

  • Investigate partial.s cache-ablity