SVG2 Text Tests

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Test Plan for SVG 2 Text

In Shapes


The following test should pass:


Basic Rectangle

  1. Check that SVG 2 Text is enabled in Preferences (Tools->Text).
  2. Select text tool.
  3. Drag to create a reasonable size rectangle (100px x 100px).
  4. Type a series of short words until text overflows. Include one or two returns. (Outline turns red.)
  5. Save.
  6. Revert (reload). Text should remain the same (including line returns).
  7. Drag handle at lower right to make rectangle bigger and all text shows. (Outline turns blue.)
  8. Make some edits.
  9. Save.
  10. Revert.

Cursor should always be properly replaced for displayed text. (It will be below the rectangle for hidden text.)

Repeat for center alignment.

Random Shape

  1. Check that SVG 2 text is enabled in Preferences (Tools->Text).
  2. Select text tool.
  3. Create a shape (e.g. circle) of reasonable size.
  4. Create some text.
  5. Select both shape and text and use Text->Flow into Frame.
  6. Save.
  7. Revert (reload). Text should remain the same.
  8. Make some edits.
  9. Save
  10. Revert.

SVG 1.1 Fallback

Ensure that SVG 1.1 Fallback is enabled in Preferences (Input/Output -> SVG export).

Repeat previous tests.

Check rendering in browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.).

Inline Size


The following tests should pass:


SVG 1.1 Fallback

white-space property

This is using the CSS property 'white-space:pre-lines' to handle line breaks. Text does not flow.


Should work.


Not implemented. Can replace sodipodi:role="line".

SVG 1.1 Fallback

Not implemented. Not clear how to do it. Note: Firefox already supports this way of rendering multi-line text.