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** (DONE) text selection
** (DONE) text selection
** (DONE) SVG filters
** (DONE) SVG filters
* (DONE) Investigate SVG docs where SVG is not the default namespace used at the root -- e.g. <svg:svg xmlns:svg="http://...etc"><svg:rect.../><blah></svg:svg> -- <blah> would end up getting shoehorned into the svg namespace

[[Category:Wiki Attic]]
[[Category:Wiki Attic]]

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Roadmap Archive

These items are from the Roadmap for previous versions. They are preserved here for posterity

Milestone 8 - GtkMM Architectural Change - Inkscape 0.42

General Gtkmm Interface

  • (DONE) Merge the inkscape_gtkmm codebase into mainline with cmdline option to activate it [bryce]
  • (DONE) Implement text in shape UI
  • (DONE) Selection and node tools: double-click on group sets group as current layer (without altering inkscape:groupmode) [bb]
  • Create a TreeEditor dialog for use by the XML editor, Extensions, Layers, etc.
  • Develop a loadable keyboard accelerator "theme" system
  • Create a CurrentColorWidget

Main Chrome

  • Controls panel:
    • Implement Text controls
    • Implement X/Y spinbuttons for the Node controls
    • Add more spinbuttons to shape tools: center, radius, w/h, etc.
    • Make defaults settable in Preferences
  • Develop Gtkmm Context Menu
  • Develop Gtkmm Statusbar
  • Implement a detachable toolbox

Icons and Cursors

  • (DONE) Implement basic icon theming capability
  • (DONE) Convert all xmp icons to svg's
  • (DONE) Create one alternate icon/cursor set
  • Add Gnome HIG-compliant ICON (Normal logo with NIB in it) [mental]
  • Create a complete default icon/cursor set [bb]

Dialogs Redevelopment and HIG-Compliance

  • Object Properties dialog
    • (DONE) Redesign Object Properties dialog
  • (DONE) Align and Distribute Dialog - Convert to Gtkmm
  • (DONE) Document Preferences Dialog - Convert to Gtkmm
  • (DONE) Trace Dialog - Convert to Gtkmm
  • (DONE) Transformation Dialog - Convert to Gtkmm
  • (DONE) Overhaul Gradient UI to improve management and creation
  • Preferences dialog
    • (DONE, for .44) Convert to Gtkmm
    • (DONE, for .44) Redesign so it's not tabs-in-tabs
  • Fill/Stroke dialog
    • Convert to Gtkmm
  • Text Properties dialog - Convert to Gtkmm
  • (DONE for .43/.44) Layers Dialog (Also see Layers section below)
  • Export Dialog - Convert to Gtkmm
  • Find Dialog - Convert to Gtkmm
  • Messages Dialog - Convert to Gtkmm
  • XML Editor - Convert to Gtkmm

Layer Enhancements

  • (DONE, for .44) Implement a layer management dialog [mental]
  • (DONE) search checks inkscape:label, and ignores layers [bb]
  • (DONE, for )Layers... // opens the Layers dialog
  • (DONE) Move to Layer Above Shift+PgUp
  • (DONE) Move to Layer Below Shift+PgDn
  • (DONE, for .43) Move to layer above/below
  • Move to Layer... // let me choose layer name to move selection to
  • Unlock All Layers // unlock all layers in the document
    • (or all siblings of the current layer?)
  • Unhide All Layers
  • Unlock All in Layer // unlock all children of the current layer
  • Unhide All in Layer
  • Group to Layer // convert group to layer
  • Layer to Group
  • (DONE) Clean up tool ("event context") code

Extension Infrastructure

  • Sketch out a first cut at an extension manager dialog
  • Decide on an API for extensions to interact with the XML tree / DOM (see DOM 3 spec)
  • Add DOM/XPath support [ishmal]

Milestone 9 - Design Extension Architecture - Inkscape 0.43

  • This architectural change will establish a new mechanism for how features are added and maintained in the codebase. see also: ExtensionArchitectureProposals


  • Thoroughly document SPRepr
  • Hook up the DOM stuff to Swig to enable scripting languages access to internals
    • foreach section of code to script, subclass NodeImpl and add fields and methods
  • Redo the internal clipboard to use an SPDocument/SPObjects rather than being simply literal copying at the SPRepr level [mental]
  • Specification Document for extension system including API
  • Hook up system clipboard (via gtkmm). Ensure when copying, that 'image/png' and/or 'image/svg' get on the system clipboard
  • Solidify the underlying Extensions infrastructure
    • Convert Extensions to OO
    • Rename extensions to be consistent with new naming scheme
  • (DONE) Example extension package
  • (DONE, for .44?) Implement support for SVG's "switch" element (SPItemGroup subclass, I think..), and the associated requiredFeatures, requiredExtensions and systemLanguage attributes (on SPItems in general)
  • Look into implementing SVG filters via extensions
  • Implement added Desktop file entries for GNOME 2.8 http://www.gnomedesktop.org/article.php?sid=1885&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0


  • Fix inverted coordinate system [mental]
  • Make clones respond sensibly to original duplication [bb]
  • Review & plan out replacement of sp-file.*
    • Implement backup functionality for documents and preferences.xml, ideally with versioning like in Emacs
  • Implement Rounding for arbitrary paths


  • (DONE, for .44) Redevelop About screen
    • (DONE, for .44) break out the credited authors //+ Translators + License
    • possibly add tab or section to this with known issues/bugs
    • same for release notes
    • investigate use of GtkAbout

Milestone 10 - RFE's & Extensions Implementation - Inkscape 0.44

New/Changed Dependencies

  • (DONE) Add libcroco


  • masks/clippaths
    • (DONE) Implement creation
  • (DONE) Load-from-URL


  • (DONE) tools: add/remove points on path, bezier drag


  • (DONE) When run without installing, make it look for icon image file(s) locally so we don't get garbage icons


  • (DONE) Implement tests of Inkscape against the W3C test suite [rick beton, bryce]


  • (DONE) Reduce open/total RFE ratio to 55%

Milestone 11 - Import/Export Feature Enhancements - Inkscape 0.45

New/Changed Dependencies

  • (DONE) Change to Gtk 2.6
  • (DONE) Drop libloudmouth
  • (DONE) Integrate use of libcroco for handling Cascading Style Sheets.
  • (DONE) Create a swatches dialog

SVG Compliance

    • (BASICALLY DONE) layers
    • (DONE) color palette
    • (DONE) gradient tool
    • (DONE) patterns
    • (DONE) text on path and in shape
    • (DONE) text selection
    • (DONE) SVG filters
  • (DONE) Investigate SVG docs where SVG is not the default namespace used at the root -- e.g. <svg:svg xmlns:svg="http://...etc"><svg:rect.../><blah></svg:svg> -- <blah> would end up getting shoehorned into the svg namespace