Leadership Committee Status Updates

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Place and Time

We meet in #inkscape-devel on freenode.

Next meeting: Noon PST/21:00 CEST , Wed, Nov 19th.

Meetings should be announced in advance on inkscape-devel and inkscape-board mailing lists.


For Nov 19th

  • RedHat visits
    1. Martin to attend Fedora designers meeting to gather UX feedback. (Martin will cover his costs.)
    2. Krzysztof, et. al to visit at a later date to work on GTK issues, probably timed with LGM.
      • Cost estimations
      • Funding sources identified
      • Trip coordinator identified
      • Go/No-Go votes and decision
  • Fiscal Sponsership Agreement (FSA)

    We need to get back to the SFC about what additional changes to the FSA we want.

    Proposed addition: If a board member misses three or more votes in a row where multiple votes within one calendar month are counted as one vote, their board position is vacated.

    (The multiple votes within one calendar month are counted as one vote is to avoid a situation where a board member can be removed if they are not available for a few of weeks during which multiple votes take place.)

  • LGM hackfest
    • The Pitch. Final approval.
    • Donation page design & mockup
    • Recruitment of more planners / volunteers
    • Other projects to extend invitations (Gtk, Cairo, Wayland...)
  • Fundraising campaign
    • django development status
    • Fundable projects review
  • Developer book campaign
  • Static testing (Jenkins, Coverity, ...)
    • Disk space limitation issue
  • Other items of business
    • Code licensing

Future Agenda Items

  • GSoC 2015