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The GSD binary file format

This is my first try to reverse engineer a binary file format. If you like, you could add your thoughts! By comparison between different files with the extention .gsd i try to see what data is stored where. It has some parts in ansi-text and the most parts are just binary numbers of different length. As identification, the file starts with the text "GRAPHTEC PRT&CUT". The next line at offset 0000:0010 starts with binary numbers "03 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00" (I don't know if they make any sense there).

  • From offset 0000:0080 to offset 0000:00cf is unknown binary data.
  • From offset 0000:00d3 to offset 0000:00de is binary data, which is exactly repeated from offset 0000:00fb to 0000:0107. It starts with the hex numbers 40 6a 40 which seems to be a marker for file seek. It ends with 40 00 04. Inbetween those bytes is data which funktion is still unknown.
  • Every object can have a different color in the 8bit-RGB-color-range. E.g. RGB(254,254,254), but most probably it is only black. RGB(0,0,0).
  • The size of the canvas is written in pure ansi text. The value could be "ISO A4" or "Letter".
  • The hex value 40 seems to be the delimiter between chunks of data of different length. Hex value ff ff ff semms to be a start delimiter and ff ff ff ff semms to be the end delimiter.