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Composition guides

Inkscape 0.46 provides a flexible architecture for creation of new grids types. While having rectangular and axonometric or isometric grid at the same time probably doesn't make a lot of sense, it would be great using the architecture to create composition guides such as the golden spiral or the diagonal method that will look just fine with either rectangular or isometric grid.




Each composition guide needs its own line color to make it stand out a little from other guides

Zoomed in/out display

Guides should always be displayed with 1px line width and not be displayed at zoom level where lines cannot be distinguished from each other anymore.

This should be drafted better :)


We will probably need the power of Jon Cruz'a natural home baked mini toolbars :) besides the usual way of defining grids via Document Properties dialog,


It should be possible to rotate composition guides in two cases:

  1. Along with canvas rotation (when it's implemented)
  2. Along with page formart change (landscape-portrait), optional