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Your changes to Inkscape for Adobe Illustrator users

Please correct (or remove) your recent changes to Inkscape for Adobe Illustrator users#To Save Illustrator Files in Inkscape for Windows claiming that Inkscape can save AI files with the help of ps2pdf. This is not true:

  1. Inkscape does not save AI files.
  2. Inkscape does not require ps2pdf to save PDF/EPS/PS files.

The pages you link to only describe the installation of Ghostscript used to import EPS files in GIMP, but do not mention how a user could write a custom output extension for Inkscape to support saving as proprietary AI files.

opening PS/EPS files
Ps2pdf from Ghostscript is required to import PostScript-based file formats (EPS/PS).
opening PDF/AI files
PDF files and PDF-based Adobe Illustrator files (version 9.0 and later, default) are imported using internal routines and do not require any external tools.
opening AI files (version 8.0 and earlier)
From within Inkscape, older PostScript-based AI files (version 8.0 and below) can be opened by manually choosing the corresponding file type 'Adobe Illustrator 8.0 and below (*.ai)'. The import is based on UniConvertor 1.1.5 (which is bundled with Inkscape on Windows).
saving PDF/PS/EPS files
PDF and Postscript-based file formats (EPS/PS) are saved using internal routines as well and do not require any external helper tools either.

The Inkscape manual sections about importing and exporting files has the most complete and current list of supported file formats (and includes notes about required helper tools and about changes in recent Inkscape versions). --~suv 05:15, 10 September 2011 (UTC)