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Hi. Please leave me messages on my User Talk Page.

Although I'm relatively new to the Inkscape Wiki, I've been an active contributor the English Wikipedia since June 2004 (under a different user name), so I know my way around MediaWiki fairly well. My background is electrical engineering, and I've been using and programming computers since about 1970. As part of my job I've been involved in writing and maintaining technical documentation for several decades. The only frustration I have here is that the Mediawiki software installation is fairly basic and lacks many of the convenient templates that have been constructed over the years at Wikipedia, but perhaps that will improve in time.

I've been using Inkscape since 2009, and my entire experience with it has been on Ubuntu Linux. At release 0.45 it was still fairly rough, but now at release 0.48.2 it is getting good enough for production work. My skills with the package are all self-taught, with the aid of the online Inkscape manual, how-to videos on YouTube, and many 'blog posts and tutorials I've found on the Web, including in this wiki. My hope is that this wiki will eventually become a repository of the best tips and tricks for using the software. — User8192T @ 19:20, 13 February 2012 (UTC)