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About me


I am a French student in «Master 1» of computer sciences (equivalent to a Bac+4).

I use Inkscape every days during my studies and hobbies. That's why, I am interested by the development of Inkscape.

I have some skills in C/C++ and Doxygen but I never have contributed to an open source project. During my studies, I have done some programs, like an « image manipulation » program in C++ with QT, and some programs with GTK+. Also, I know how to report bugs, i already reported some bugs in Launchpad.


If it's possible, I want to work on the New From Template Dialog during the Google Summer Of Code 2010.

Pass.png I'm ready to begin improvements of the specifications. Pass.png

Externals links

GSOC 2010

If NFT is non valid for GSOC, I can work on another thing ! Just tell me on my talk page.

Other ideas