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Introduction of project

The idea is to use the power of SVG with tools familiar to users of AutoCAD.

The project to provide technical precision Inkscape already exists(v0.52) but what I propose is a plugin to have functions such as accroches objects at hand and independent versions of the software.


This is a fitting example, the design of the buttons and the choice of roles is to define.

I think if the idea is simply the achievement of this plugin should not be very complicated: it but requires a knowledge of Python and mathematical functions for each tool (Ability to learn from this code:[1] or that of Qcad

Possible forms

  • Plugin turn on / off, floating toolbar / lockable
  • Fork Inkscape incorporating all technical drawing tools (why not "Techscape")

Orders to include

I will list here the commands that can be useful to include the plugin, the description of the icon equivalent autocad, their relevance and possible code to their achievement.

editing tools

objects accroches

Acobjet-Per.PNG Proche

Allows you to insert a point on the line closest to the cursor

Code : 
Acobjet-Int.PNG Intersection

Allows you to insert a period at the intersection of 2 lines

Code : 

Acobjet-Ext.PNG end

Allows you to insert a period at the end of a line

Code : 

Acobjet-Mil.PNG Midfielder

Allows you to insert a point in the center of a line

Code : 

Per2.PNG Perpendicular

To insert an item in the perpendicular

Code : 

Acobjet-Tan.PNG Tangente

Allows you to insert a point on the tangent

Code : 

measurement tools

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