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  • Please check your command line scripts. It is probable that they need to be updated after all verbs have been converted to actions.
  • Some custom keyboard shortcuts that were set with older Inkscape versions may cease to work and need to be set again when their functionality has been touched in the conversion from 'verb' to 'action'.
  • Gradient editing:
    • If you convert your gradient to swatch, the gradient editor cannot be used for editing it anymore.
    • Canvas stops and gradient editor stops highlighting will stop working in some cases.
  • If you want to print a specific range of pages / a specific page, you can select page numbers in the print dialog. However, this only prints the first page currently.
  • The option to specify a margin when resizing the page to the selection is currently not available (formerly available in Document Properties dialog, in the future planned for the Page tool).
  • Spellchecking is not available on macOS
  • Menus on M1 (ARM) architecture Apple computers do not display arrows for expandable menu items
  • The 'Render LaTeX' extension is disabled in the snap packages of Inkscape 1.2
  • Circles that were resized and then the action was reverted with 'Undo' may sometimes lose their radius and can't be copy-pasted anymore, files don't show up correctly in browsers (also the case in 1.1.2 - Bug #2879)
  • Clipart Import and Extension Manager do not work in the Linux AppImage package (Bug inbox#6787)