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  • when closing Inkscape while drawing a 3D box (MR #4018, Bug #2390)
  • when flipping a grouped 3D box (MR #3698)
  • when using Undo after switching from the 3D box tool to another tool (MR #4192, Bug #2854)
  • when pressing Backspace while using the Bézier tool (MR #3715, But #2764)
  • when hatching with the Calligraphy tool (MR #3972, Bug #3173)
  • using Document Properties dialog (MR #3400)
  • when dragging and dropping SVG files from klatexformula into Inkscape (MR #3710)
  • when using the Eraser tool (five different crashes fixed) (MR #4079, MR #4008)
  • when drawing a rectangle after closing the Icon Preview dialog (MR #3439)
  • when copying/cutting/stamping various Live Path Effects (multiple crash and bug fixes) (MR #3479)
  • when copying a path with the 'Attach path' Live Path Effect (Commit 8fd705, Bug #626)
  • when selecting an object with the 'Power Stroke' Live Path Effect after reopening a file (MR #3546, Bug #2716)
  • when editing a shape with an inverse mask applied to it with the Node tool (MR #4080, Bug #3286)
  • when trying to open an SVG file with invalid CSS pseudoclasses (Bug #3358, MR #4219)
  • when changing the pattern back in the Paint Servers dialog ([1], Bug #3327)
  • when quitting Inkscape (MR #3681)
  • when using the Spray tool to spray multiple items in single path mode (MR #3470)
  • when clicking on a color after reopening the Swatches dialog (Bug #3221, MR #3991)
  • when trying to add a Live Path Effect to a symbol (MR #3520)
  • when scrolling quickly through line height units in the the Text tool's tool controls bar (MR #3541)