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  • Create identical copies of objects in a grid by indicating the number of rows and columns
  • Change the horizontal and vertical spacing between copies by mouse or numerically, and choose the unit of those distances
  • The gap size can also be randomized
  • Offset every other row or column by a specified percentage of object width / height
  • 16 different mirroring modes (requires the setting Edit → Preferences → Behavior → Live Path Effects (LPE) → Tiling → Add advanced tiling options to be active!)
  • Scale interpolation (5 modes):
    • Uniform scaling (no interpolation)
    • Blend size from top to bottom
    • Blend size from left to right
    • Blend size diagonally (top left: original size – bottom right: new size)
    • Random scaling
  • Rotation interpolation with the same 5 modes
  • Option to automatically minimize gaps between copies of different sizes (does not work with rotation or diagonal mode)
  • Option to allow for independently styling and moving each copy ('Split elements', moving works when the object is grouped as a 1 object group)
  • Option to link styles for the case when you want a gradient or a pattern extend over all objects