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  • a button to toggle between 'Layers' and 'Objects' view
  • buttons to move objects up and down in the stack.
  • a list of all layers and objects in the drawing, featuring new icons for the different object types
  • 8 alternating default colors for layers and the objects in them:
    • these colors are used for drawing the paths in the respective layers
    • the colors can be set (in case they clash with your theme, or you cannot see the paths that you draw) in the file share/inkscape/ui/highlight-colors.css in your Inkscape directory
  • layer and object colors can be customized for each layer/object on its own, by clicking on the vertical color bar at the end of each line
  • tiny mask and scissor symbols indicate that a clip or mask is applied to an object
  • object and layer names (label, not id) can be changed after a double-click on the current name
  • icons for locking and hiding a layer/object light up when you hover over the layer's row (when not locked or hidden):
    • click to hide/unhide or lock/unlock, Shift+click to hide/lock other items
  • holding Alt while hovering over an object in the dialog will highlight that object on canvas
  • layers as well as objects can be multi-selected
  • the context (right-click) menu for layers provides options to move, delete, rename the current layer, to lock/hide all/other/the current layers, to add a new layer and to convert a layer to a group
  • the context menu for objects provides the same options as it would when you right-click on the object on canvas directly