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  • The more intuitive HSL mode (hue, saturation, lightness) is now the default mode of the color selector.
  • All color selection modes (e.g. HSL, HSV, RGB, CMYK, CMS, HSLuv) have been moved into a drop-down menu, with icons. You can get the old, tabbed look back by disabling the option in Edit → Preferences → Interface: Use compact color selector mode switch (MR #3443).
  • New: HSLuv mode added for color picker. This mode lets you more intuitively select optically similar saturation of different hues (Wikipedia).
  • A color wheel can now be used for HSL, HSV and HSLuv color selection modes (in previous Inkscape versions, it was its own mode). Activate it by clicking on 'Color Wheel' above the color sliders area.