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  • A mini-menu (downward pointing arrow symbol) was added into the title bar of every multi-dialog panel (also called 'notebook'). You can use it to close the current tab, to undock it, or to close the whole panel. It also shows a list of available dialogs, sorted by purpose, allowing you to open them with a click ((MR #3728)
  • The right-click menu for tabs now contains a list of all open dialogs.
  • Open dialogs are now less costly for performance, because they do not update when it's not needed (MR #3369), or when they are hidden (MR #3761)
  • Docking zones now expand and flash slowly when a dialog is dragged close to them. This makes it easier to see where docking is possible (MR #3729)
  • The text labels of docked dialogs are now more responsive to the width of dialog (MR #3627)
  • A new option for text labels for docked dialogs has been added. Edit → Preferences → Windows: Dialogs settings : Labels Behavior : Active reduces all except the active tabs' labels to icons. The option is no longer available from the right-click menu of the tabs (MR #3644)