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  • The size of the guide handles is now adjustable via the existing setting Edit → Preferences → Interface → Handle size. Nonetheless, the guide handles react to this setting at half the rate of other handles; at large settings, the effective size of a guide handle is about half the size of an auto-smooth node. At the same time, a minimum size is enforced, equal to the previously hard-coded size. As a result of this mechanism, the handle is only enlarged when the Handle size preference is set to a value of 7 or larger. Since the default value is 3, the size of guide handles does not change on new installs or for users on default settings (Bug #3111, MR #3870)
  • Larger handles can now easily be grabbed with the mouse, because the handles themselves are now 'grabb-able', not only the guide lines below (Bug #3111, MR #3870)
  • Handles now take on the guide's color. Only when the guide is locked, its handle turns grey (and changes the shape to an "x", as before) (Bug #3111, MR #3870)
  • The default color of guides and grids was changed to a softer shade of blue (MR #4012)