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  • Inkscape no longer depends on GtkSpell and ASpell but on GSpell for spell checking.
  • lib2geom has been moved into its own git submodule (like the extensions), a new release is available.
  • lcms2 is a mandatory dependency now
  • librevenge has been common for years, dropped checks for its use with libwpg, libvisio and libcdr
  • checks for very old versions of libwpg, libvisio, libcdr removed
  • gc, double-conv, readline, and lcms2 are detected with pkg-config
  • iconv, intl detected with cmakesystem (MR #2475)
  • Inkscape now ships a /share/themes folder with two custom themes that are only suitable for use with Inkscape (as a git submodule)
  • Support for Python 2 has been dropped for Inkscape extensions
  • INKSCAPE_DATADIR can be set to a different default value at build time (MR #2276)
  • Support local lib2geom in install directory (MR #2327, #2379)