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  • The color mode of exported PNG files can now be set on the command line with --export-png-color-mode (options: Gray_1|Gray_2|Gray_4|Gray_8|Gray_16|RGB_8|RGB_16|GrayAlpha_8|GrayAlpha_16|RGBA_8|RGBA_16; MR #2339)
  • To export a file using arbitrary export formats provided by an extension of the 'output' type, one can use the new --export-extension parameter now (MR #2294 with more details)
  • The --export-type option now supports (MR #771):
    • exporting to multiple formats at once, e.g. inkscape --export-type=png,pdf in.svg
    • exporting a single input file to multiple export formats and rename them in the process (will produce out.png and out.pdf), e.g. inkscape --export-type=png,pdf --export-file=out in.svg
    • exporting multiple files to multiple export formats, e.g. inkscape --export-type=png,pdf in1.svg in2.svg
  • Added actions for aligning and distributing objects (MR #2472)
  • Interactive shell mode (MR #1495):
    • a history of commands is now remembered and can be accessed with the up and down arrow keys
    • auto-completion of actions (at start of line) and filenames
    • command line editing is now possible