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  • Extensions were updated to be compatible with Python 3. While we'll be migrating away from Python 2, extension writers should aim for support of Python 2.7 and Python 3.5+ for maximum compatibility.
  • Windows packages now ship with Python 3 (currently Python 3.7). Python 2 is not bundled anymore, so make sure to update your extension to be compatible.
  • Inkscape now adds itself to search path on startup, so you should always be able to call it from your extension by simply calling inkscape, without the need to add it to search path manually, or worrying about other potentially incompatible versions of Inkscape being available on search path.
  • The folder structure of Windows packages was updated: Binaries were moved from the installation root to bin/, Inkscape's shared files where moved from share/ to a share/inkscape subfolder.
  • The underscores that were previously necessary to mark elements as translatable are no longer needed. Elements that are usually translated are now by default included in translations. Elements that are usually not translated, are not included. This can be overridden by setting the translatable="yes/no" attribute.