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  1. SVG 2 text using the CSS 'shape-inside' property: This new flowed text automatically includes a fallback option (in SVG 1.1), and will show up in web browsers and other software. This type of text can be created by clicking and dragging a box on canvas, if the option 'Use SVG 2 auto-flowed text' is enabled in the Text tool's preferences. When the option is enabled, it will also be used for 'Text > Flow into frame' [unconfirmed].
  2. SVG 2 text with 'inline-size' property: This is the new "Column mode" of the text tool, that can be created by clicking on the canvas, typing, and then dragging the diamond-shaped handle at the end of the text to determine the width of the text. It creates flowed text columns without a predetermined height. These texts include an SVG 1.1 fallback, too. To convert the text back to SVG 1.1 text, Ctrl-click on the diamond (this will result in all the text being placed on a single line).