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changed unknown version

Template Documentation

Allows to add a visual hint explaining in which version of Inkscape a feature has changed.

For example: Use great featurechanged 1.2.3 for your work.


Parameter ! Explanation
1 program version in which the feature changed (required)
text Short text to display for what happened to the feature (default: "changed")
text_abbr Even shorter text to display for what happened to the feature (defaults to value of text)
program Affected program (default: "Inkscape")
details Additional info to include into the tooltip


Wiki text Result
{{changed in|1.2.3}} changed 1.2.3
{{changed in|1.2.3|text=removed in}} removed 1.2.3
{{changed in|1.2.3|text=removed in|text_abbr=rem.}} rem. 1.2.3
{{changed in|1.2.3|program=Inkview}} changed 1.2.3
{{changed in|1.2.3|details=The feature should not be used anymore.}} changed 1.2.3

See also

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