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Thought a place to keep track of what I was planning to do was a good Idea. - Simarilius


* Add True poly mode to star tool - DONE
* Add aux toolbars to expose functionality currently in tool options - DONE
* Allow aux toolbars in shape contexts to modify shapes in selection - DONE
* Tidy up aux toolbars - font size etc. - DONE
* Add Cx and Cy spin buttons to all shape context aux toolbars (UPDATE: not as easy as it sounds, for these will have to have a unit selector, and will have  to take into account the object's transform)
* Add start and end angle spinbuttons, chord/segment checkbox for ellipse - DONE
* Agg arg1 and arg2 spinbuttons for star (arg2 grayed out for polygon)
* Add event handlers for focus etc to toolbar spin buttons. DONE
* Add handles to contexts like bulia added to rect. - DONE 
* Add listeners to spin buttons so they update when handles used - DONE
* Fix c/p of gradients between docs - DONE 
* Remove (or increase substantially) the limits on sides, revs etc from tools.(DONE -- bb)
* Make sharpness spin button smarter (DONE -- bb)
* Replace distance calcs with NR::LInfty(d)
* fix tool tips - DONE
* make defaults for star and spiral settable, take them from e.g., to be user-editable in the PreferencesDialog

fix that annoying Crash - DONE (by fred :D )

Multi Stop Gradient editor:

* check offset of stop before and after, and limit adjust to between those values.           DONE
* Make the spin update when you select a different stop				      DONE
* add buttons to add stops - and add the callback to do it!                                  DONE
* add buttons to delete stops - and add the callback to do it!                               DONE
* Make the stop list update when stop added / deleted.                                       DONE
* work out tidying the layout, ie making offset slider the right size.                       DONE
* Add color sample for each stop to drop down menu, and make it update.                      DONE
* Add listener so if something else modifies the stops 
 (ie if their deleted in XML editor) it doesnt break the dialog.                             DONE     
* detect if a shape with a different grad is selected and update dialog accordingly.
* Make new stops appear midway between existing rather than right next to current            DONE
* Add Notches to gradient preview
* Make em dragable
* Make preview right clickable to add/delete stops at mouse position.

Marker Stuff:

* Fix icons in existing code - add to iconfactory.			- DONE by Carl H
* add marker to def if not present, and apply to current selection. 	- DONE by both me and Carl, in different ways :)
* Code drop downs which shows a list of markers available.		- DONE
* Import Markers from markers.svg to list				- DONE	
* Import Markers into doc from marker.svg when selected		- DONE
* Create previews of markers for drop down.                            - DONE, bulia fixed my bodged attempt
* Notice if a new marker is added 
* Enable easy creation of new markers.   - Patch in tracker
* Fix auto align on mid and end markers.                               - DONE Carl fixed the end, I got the middle :)
* Fix the fact when you turn on mid it puts one on the start           - DONE
* Create some markers							- DONE
* Create a better method for handling stock items                  - DONE for markers, see \src\helper\stock-items.cpp

Pattern Fills:

* Add pane to paint selector widget                                     - DONE
* Add support for pattern mode to fill-style and stroke-style           - DONE
* Add UI to import Bitmaps to patterns in def                           - DONE
* Add Dropdown listing patterns in doc                                  - DONE
* Add Previews to dropdown
* Add pattern delete                                                    - Mentals garbage collection kinda handles this?
* Add pattern offset (x+y) - per object                                 - DONE
* Add pattern rotation  - per object                                    - DONE
* Add pattern scale  - per object                                       - DONE
* Fix the fact some objects translate and some edit node positions.     - Done by Bulia
* Work out why SVG patterns render so weird, then fix it.               - Done by Bulia
* Add UI to create SVG pattern from selection                           - Done by Bulia
* Enable any image in the doc to be used as a pattern                   - Done by Bulia (Alt-I)

More Marker stuff

* Make markers inherit style from parent line. (maybe dependant on an inkscape:inherit_col tag?)

Grid Arrange Dialog

* Implement a Dialog to arrange the selection in a grid pattern         - DONE
* Make it respond to changes in selection                               - DONE 
* Move to a tab in align dialog 
* allow sizing of rows and columns                                      - DONE 
* deal with units stuff (spacing and row/column size)
* fix the scatter affect if selections not aligned to begin.            - DONE 
* Make OK not do anything if pressed twice.                             - DONE 
* fit into Selection BBox option                                        - DONE & fixed :)
* Make it sort the objects by pos rather than z order                   - DONE 
* allow some randomness in spacing
* allow horizontal cell align (left, centre, right)                     - DONE 
* allow vertical cell align (top, centre, bottom)                       - DONE 
* allow some randomness in rotation? 
* reconfigure layout ala bulias mockup                                  - 85% Done 
* redo gtkmm stuff to use bryces code                                   - DONE 
* Fix sorting to preserve existing order                                - DONE 
* Fix weird numbers of rows on first opening dialog                     - DONE 
* sort out it wandering if you do fit to selection and align

Had some fun with gradients: upload:marbles_tut.svg

original non tut: upload:marbles.svg rounded edge rect : upload:rounded_rect_button.svg

example for kwikson : upload:4kwikson.svg

gradient weirdness: upload:weirdness.svg

example of interpolate : upload:interpolate.jpg

editable calligraphy thoughts - upload:callig_control.svg

perspective: upload:summer.jpg write up some suggestions for Google Summer of Code

Win32 Poppler

Attributes List