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This is a tutorial scratchpad. When this tutorial gets to a level of "completeness" it will be converted into DocBook XML format and commited to SVN.

If you edit or add anything, feel free to add your name to the authors list, so you get credit where credit is due!

Translating this tutorial

Please do not translate this tutorial yet, it is still in the early stages of development and will be modified drastically. Translations can be done once it has been migrated to SVN.


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Colors Effects


Ryan Lerch, ryanlerch at gmail dot com


This tutorial covers Inkscape's colors effects and how they change the color properties of the objects in SVG documents



The colors effects in Inkscape allow the color properties of objects in an SVG document to be modified in a systematic fashion. Bitmaps are the only type of object in an Inkscape document that cannot be modified by the color effects.

When a color effect is used, it is applied to all the selected objects in a document, if no object is selected the effect is applied to all the objects in that document.

not sure if an explanation of HSL and RGB is in the scope of this tutorial.
but it maybe should be included in a tutorial about the fill/stroke dialog.
But it will be nessecary for someone reading this tutorial to have a basic understanding of those principles...


The brighter color effect increases the Red, Green and Blue amounts of a color equally by 1/10 of the original amount of that color value.

For example: If a color has a RBG of R:96 G:190 B:213 after using Effects > Color > Brighter the color will be R:107 G:213 B:237




Less Hue

Less Light

Less Saturation

More Hue

More Light

More Saturation


Remove Blue

Remove Green

Remove Red

RGB Barrel