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I ripped off Simarilius by doing this... ;)

All of the ideas I have right now are broken down pretty well. With regard to anything with the "Brush" system, it would be preferable to keep all options on the toolbar, however this may not be possible due to space limitations and it may need to have some options reside in a panel/dialog. I do also have an idea to potentially have drop down panels from the toolbar though.

Note: many of the tasks below are intertwined so they probably won't make sense without reading the whole thing.


* Add toolbar for the text tool (not hooked up, just UI only) - DONE
* Add toggle buttons to Calligraphy Toolbar for tablet Pressure & Tilt sensitivity
* Add sliders for sensitivity functions (perhaps a numerical percentage you click on and it drops a vertical slider)
* Add combobox to Calligraphy Toolbar w/ the icons & names for eraser method (only icon will show on toolbar)
* Add radiobuttons to Calligraphy Toolbar for Eraser "depth"
* Change Calligraphy Toolbar over to be the Brush Toolbar
* Add radiobuttons to Brush Toolbar for method selection (single/multiple)
* Add spinbox to Brush Toolbar for frequency of placement for multiple method
* Add spinbox to Brush Toolbar for scatter amount for multiple method
* Add brush selector to Brush Toolbar
* Add togglebutton for Stretch or Repeat Middle to Brush toolbar for single method

Drawing Tablet Functionality:

* Add pressure sensitivity to adjust width (current width setting as a starting point)
* Add tilt sensitivity to adjust angle (current angle setting as a starting point)
* Add basic Eraser functionality
* Add eraser methods: Difference, Intersection, Exclusion, Division and Cut Path
* Add "depth" functionality to Eraser (top most object, all in layer, all in document)


* Add Eraser tool to function like the Tablet Eraser will for those w/o that benefit
* Replace Calligraphy tool with the Brush Tool

Brush Tool:

* Keep most of the existing parameters for the calligraphy tool - DONE ;)
* Add brush system - 2 methods - single (can select either Repeated Middle or Stretch) or multiple ("layered") object oriented
* Add "frequency/amount" function for multiple object (can be based on distance or speed for example)
* Add scatter function for multiple object method (adjust from being in-line to scattered around that "line")
* Add customizable brushes
* Add brush customization dialog
* Add ability to save/load brushes to brush sets
* Add "Object to Brush" function in Edit menu
* Add brush type to handle the start, middle, and end "brush sections" for single method
* Add functionality for either "stretch" or "repeat middle" for single method


* Retain tablet choices and parameters set in Calligraphy tool
* Retain new settings and parameters set in Brush tool
* If necessary, add a Tablet tab to contain options for choosing the desired device in case it was named in a custom way