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OpenDocument is a proposed standard office-type document format for use in the EU etc.; see for more detail.

Currently it has its own custom format for graphics elements, similar to's Draw format, and also somewhat similar to SVG in some areas.

Clearly it would be good both for SVG, Inkscape, and the success of the OpenDocument standard, if OpenDocument were to use SVG to the extent possible, such that any SVG-compliant renderer could render the <svg> parts of the document.

(See also the inkscape-devel mailing list, subject "filter for inkscape and OpenDocument".)

The current OpenDocument specification is available at .

To send comments, either click the "Send a comment" button on the above-referenced web-page, or use the mailing list. Subscribe by sending the word "subscribe" in the body of mail to

Archives are at ; similarly, archives of discussions between committee members are at .

From Daniel Carrera:

It is very important to get representation in the OASIS TC from multiple interested parties. The goal is to make a format acceptable to everyone, and that can only be done if people participate in the discussion.

Also, right now they wer working on the next version of the format. The one that'll meet all of the EU's requirements. And they are in the official "request for public comentary" period until Friday. So, the best time to raise a concern is right now. Send them a comment.

No-one has yet done so; please edit this wiki page to indicate your progress in seeing/joining this discussion.

Something that may be helpful in getting greater SVG interoperability in the OpenDocument standard is to document what bits of the OpenDocument specification correspond to & differ from SVG. For example, this helps in changing any existing implementations of that part of the standard to use a more SVG-friendly replacement. See OpenDocument SVG correspondence.