Markers Inherit Style

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Making Markers Inherit Style

This is just a scratchpad to keep track of the issues involved in this feature request.

As I see it the process needs to be

  • On initial application of markers to a line
    • check the line color
    • add a xlink:href'ed marker pointing to the geom of the marker wanted
    • apply the correct style to this.
  • On modification of the stroke of a line
    • check if theres markers, if yes
      • for each marker
        • confirm its an xlink, not an original, and if necessary make it one.
        • Change the style of the xlink

Simple huh?

Issues are:

  • xlink:href doesnt work on markers currently (or i cant get it to. - example: upload:xlink_marker.svg)
  • you might not want your marker to inherit from the line, need to make this behaviour user overridable. (inkscape:inherit_style maybe?)