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Joined the project right after the initial announcement. His main interest is in promoting Inkscape and linking the project with larger goals through the cleaning up usability, bugs and the implementation of new ideas (mainly the extension system). He is taking a lead on the new clipart project with Ted, Bryce and some sodipodi developers. Tasks: planner, writer, administrative, website, help/tutorials, code cleanup, tester, some work on the codebase.



  • icons?
  • finish elements...
  • fix and update xpms for cursors

Add system for modifying the cursor icon when a key is depressed.

Add History item to Help Menu

Clear out All Uses of XPMs

I'm trying to clear out all uses of XPMs and replacing them with SVGs.

Article (for 0.38)

I'm thinking that this could be in the form of questions asked of our community and developed answers on the wiki.

See Vector Aesthetics


Need to develop this section more.

External Preview

From an email from BULIA: >If this functionality is in fact "Preview in Browser" then it is certainly>confusing which makes it useless in its current state but I think with>minor changes it could be made genuinely useful.Good idea to make this command an "External preview". Just store a command line with options in prefs, and when a preview is requested, save the current file and run the command on it.This seems to be similar to the task of running an external browser for help files - therefore, Jon, what would you say if I ask you to add this to your TODO?Right now, however, the "preview" is done by Inkscape itself, and is therefore useless. So I'm removing this command for now, until we have an external preview functionality.

Help System Overview

Bulia has intermediately developed the keyboard shorcuts SVG in the Help Menu. NJH and BULIA created a tutorial there as well. Eventually, we will need to integrate YELP/SCROLLKEEPER into the whole scheme.

Eyedropper Tool Enhancement

Add button to copy hex to clipboard in the secondary toolbar

Open URL

Already Inkscape can open URLs from commandline, one should be able to do this in the app.

Develop BIG PICTURE Section more

This includes talking with MRDOCS about the OPTO group and developing relationships with other projects. Also, the openswatch project should be pushed further still. I should really look more into SCRIBUS' development community and the docs that MRDOCS has written.

Tutorials and Practical Uses

(18:42:27) rejon: (18:42:50) rejon: used inkscape to plan out colors (although all done in css) (18:44:33) rejon: that would be a good section in our site: practical uses (could put web design testimonial) (18:44:39) rejon: maybe a tutorial

Sort out and Clear out FeatureNotePad

Review and Sort NewFeatureProposals

Sort out and Clear out FeatureNotePad