Inkscape Release checklist

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Is there a checklist for the pre/release steps? Sort of. See:

formalized checklists

For major releases:

  1. Open Development
    • Implement new build system
    • Begin switching packaging to use new build system
  2. Chill
    • Development focuses on wrapping up
    • Post inkscape-0.##-pre0.tar.gz
    • Disable features that aren't finished
    • Identify 'make distcheck' issues
    • Identify remaining writing needed for Release Notes
    • Identify any release blocker bugs
    • Recruit Release Wardens for Freeze
  3. Frost
    • Only production-ready code committed to Mainline
    • Finalize any major changes to platform packaging
    • Inkscape must pass 'make distcheck'
    • Finalize Release Notes except Known Issues
    • Start an About Screen contest
    • Post additional inkscape-0.##-pre*.tar.gz releases
    • Packagers test creating pkgs of the -pre* releases
  4. Freeze
    • Stable Branch is forked from Mainline
    • Regular development resumes on Mainline
    • Only Release Wardens can commit to Stable Branch
    • Cherrypick bug fixes from Mainline to Stable
    • Complete any late work under advisement of Wardens
    • Focus on release-critical bug fixing
    • No further string changes allowed on Stable Branch
    • Translators work on translations
    • Finalize all extensions
    • Finalize codebase translations
    • Finalize about screen
    • Finalize Known Issues section of Release Notes
    • Finalize packaging scripts
    • Post additional inkscape-0.##-pre*.tar.gz releases
  5. Release
    • Post inkscape-0.92.tar.gz to website
    • Post package to launchpad project ppa
    • Post Windows build, MSI or EXE installer to website
    • Post MacOSX build, dmg installer to website
    • Make Debian build available in stable ppa or distribution archive
    • Make Fedora build available in stable yum repository or distribution archive
    • Post official announcements
    • Plan 0.##.1+ release(s), if needed