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Ikivo Animator

Ikivo Animator is an application that animates SVGt content for mobile devices. It has a treeview where svg elements are selected for animations. All animations appear in the timeline where they can be manipulated.

Major Features

  • Animating Colors
  • Animating Gradients
  • Animating Opacity (including Gradient Stops, and entire Gradients)
  • Animating Scale and Rotation
  • Animating the display properties
  • Animating Motion with editable splines and control points
  • Basic Text Creation (Much better to use an external program to create text.)
  • Animating the Pacing of Animations
  • Save as UTF-8 or UTF-16
  • Preview an svg as it should appear on a phone. (Sadly not all SVGt viewers have the same support)
    • This is significant since most mobile phones that support SVGt use the Ikivo SVGt player. (65 million Ikivo, 30 million others?? Reported at 3GSM 2006)
  • Supports both OS X and Windows.
  • Browsing/viewing for SVG Content and restricting all svg content to tiny.

Screen Shots

http://www.ikivo.com/img/ikivo_animator_anim1.gif http://www.ikivo.com/img/ikivo_animator_anim2.gif

Ikivo Animator has more features that help with Animation but they don't seem to have any good tutorials on using these features. The Animator website really needs some more work.

  • Recommended Retail Price $295 (2005, Ikivo Animator 1.1)