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This page explains the contract in the PrintingConsensusPoll.


    • At least 20 inkscape enthusiasts (including at least 4 developers with CVS commit access) are participating in this poll
    • At least 95% of those participating in the poll vote yes
    • All conditions in the plan (e.g., minimum $$ pledged) are met

then state = GO

else state = STOP

On the transition from STOP to GO, a 72 hour timer starts counting down to 0. Every time the plan is changed, the timer resets back to 72 hours.

If the timer reaches 0, we're done and we've committed to implementing the plan as described in the "Plan" section of the PrintingConsensusPoll.

In the unlikely event that cloture is needed to halt a filibuster, 80% of all participants must agree to lock the plan to a particular version. To hold a cloture vote, the poll must be in the GO state. Once a cloture vote succeeds, no further cloture votes can succeed. On the transition from GO to STOP all cloture results and/or votes are deleted.

Please feel warmly welcomed to refactor this into a clearer explanation. All edits (including by me) will be considered "efficiently expressed suggestions". Clobber away :) -- BrandonCsSanders