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What can I copy?

When copying, different scenari could appear (cf. void ClipboardManagerImpl::copy(SPDesktop *desktop)):

  • If Inkscape is in Gradient mode and a gradient is selected, the selected gradient is copied
  • If Inkscape is in Color picker mode, the color under the cursor is copied
  • If Inkscape is in Text mode and if a text is selected, the selected text is copied
  • In all other cases, the objects selected are copied

What can I paste?

Default behaviour

When pasting, the clipboard items will be scaned at a predefined order (cf. ClipboardManagerImpl::ClipboardManagerImpl()) but the idea is to search data in the clipboard following this order:

  • Inkscape SVG ressource
    • image/x-inkscape-svg
  • SVG ressource
    • image/svg+xml
    • image/svg+xml-compressed
  • Others vector formats:
    • PDF ressource
    • Adobe Illustrator ressource

If no ressource is found, other formats are searched (cf. bool ClipboardManagerImpl::paste(SPDesktop *desktop, bool in_place)):

  • Windows users only: EMF ressource
  • Image ressource
  • Text string

Special behaviour

Those behaviours are accessible via keyboard shortcuts and/or menus:

Developpers informations

How can I allow pasting a new SVG mimetype?

Nota: this section is underwriting and should be used with caution.

Default non-Inkscape SVG mimetype is image/svg+xml. In order to deal with others non-Inkscape SVG mimetypes, do the following:

  1. In src/ui/clipboard.cpp
    1. Locate ClipboardManagerImpl::ClipboardManagerImpl()
    2. Just after the image/svg+xml mimetype, add a new line with your mimetype
    3. Locate ClipboardManagerimpl::_retrieveClipboard()
    4. The goal here is to change the mimetype from yours to the default non-Inkscape SVG mimetype. Locate the if test which set the target to the default non-Inkscape SVG mimetype
    5. Add a new case in the if with your mimetype

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