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Discussion and documentation about Inkscape::UI::Widget::ProgressPannel class, a specific Inkscape widget.

ProgressPannel will replace the current content of the extension working dialog, defined inside execution-env.cpp and may be used on any other progress or loading related action on Inkscape.

The GUI pieces:


The panel by default starts with a empty icon, but set it is important for a fast and beauty visual communication.

Stock icons can be used with this constructor:

 Gtk::Image ( const Gtk::StockID& stock_id, IconSize size )

Example values:


progressText may have variables to show optional values:

  • %1 : minimum value
  • %2 : maxmum value
  • %3 : current value
  • %4 : percentage value

Example: "building %3 of %2 pieces. %4%% done."

Extension-progress.png Saveing-progress.png Loading-fonts-progress.png

Source SVGs: Progress-pannel-mockup.svg Progress-pannel-examples-mockup.svg


The progress_text must be updated together to the progress bar values. A possible updater code is:

 progress->set_text( Glib::ustring::compose(
     Glib::ustring::format(std::dec, min),
     Glib::ustring::format(std::dec, max),
     Glib::ustring::format(std::dec, val),
     Glib::ustring::format(std::fixed, std::setprecision(pct_precision),
                           ((double)val-min)*100/(max-min) )