Andrews Big Dialog Re-Design/Export Bitmap

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Outdated Information! This dialog got next design iteration in 1.2 . And can also export even more formats and options


Export-as-bitmap.png Export-as-bitmap-2.png

(Incorporating [1] and [2])

  1. Lack of padding around the contents make everything feel a bit 'squashed'
  2. As mentioned in [3], Bitmap (whilst according to Wikipedia is technically correct) can be confused with exporting as a BMP
  3. Why are these titles so big?
  4. These labels can be made a bit more polished by using capitals and subscripts
  5. Why can't the units of these measurements be changed? (I often find this annoying when exporting to print)
  6. AFAIK this field will never become 'enabled' so why include it?
  7. The contents of these buttons have been set in a depreciated way so if icons are disabled in buttons they still show up
  8. The label of this is not clear, there are two negatives
  9. I find this confusing. It appears as though when I switch from Page to Custom, nothing actually happens. It needs to be made clearer what each one does.
  10. The 'Save' button is confusing here, as it doesn't actually save


Export-as-raster-image.png Export-as-raster-image-2.png

  1. Add in padding
  2. Change to 'Export as Raster Image'
  3. Make the labels normal sized and bold
  4. Make x -> X and make numbers subscript
  5. Move the unit selector to the bottom of the dialog, so it affects all values (and doesn't leave such a large piece of whitespace above the Size section)
  6. Remove this entry and position the entry above it so that a user can see it affects both measurements
  7. Just change the way in which the images are but into the buttons
  8. Remove the two negatives and change to "Only show selected objects"
  9. (Whilst it is not in this mockup) except when Custom is selected, all the area fields should be disabled (insensitive).
  10. Change to "Select" (which is what it actually does)