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Please post links to screenshots and/or insights of this vector app. We must learn from others.

Inkscape advantages

  • live clones, clone tiler
  • keys for scrolling, scaling, rotating, letterspacing, linespacing, kerning
  • more convenient per-object export hints [Xara has them via the Names gallery, but it's cumbersome]
  • export and conversion from command line, including batch export [Xara has batch export via GUI only]
  • group transparency (master transparency on groups)
  • hierarchical layers, enter group
  • pattern fills from arbitrary objects
  • transform/not transform switch for patterns and gradients
  • switch to preserve rounded rect corners
  • different star rounding
  • randomized stars
  • multistage gradients [Xara only has limited "rainbow" options]
  • the ability to combine color and transparency in a gradient
  • cursor changes over selectable objects
  • linked offsets and text-on-path remain freely transformable

Xara advantages

  • faster renderer
  • blends
  • envelopes (including perspective)
  • linked colors
  • color swatches and current color widget
  • dragging curve in node edit, new node in arbitrary place
  • brushes along path
  • dynamic drop shadows
  • on-canvas gradient editing
  • more gradient types (conic, 4-point etc) [SVG limitation!]
  • bevel tool, "nav bar" tool for buttons
  • the ability to separate color gradient and transparency gradient [to be implemented via SVG masks]
  • gradient profiles [SVG limitation, can be clumsily approximated by multistage gradients]
  • different star rounding


Screenshots on the Xara site


official site

community site